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Hi, I'm Mushfiqur Rahman

I'm a passionate web architect. I have been developing complex web & mobile applications for more than 10+ years. I love building software that has an impact on a large number of people.

My Tech Stack

I work with a wide range of technologies.
Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with recently.









React Native










Things I Have Worked On

Delivery Hero SE

Delivery Hero is a German multinational online food-delivery service based in Berlin, Germany. The company operates in 40+ countries internationally in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and partners with 500,000+ restaurants.

I currently work in the Customer Data Products team at Delivery Hero as Senior Software Engineer.

Cheq Inc.

CHEQ is a social payments platform that provides POS services, moblie orders, and peer payments mostly in the USA. I have worked as a Senior Full-Stack Engineer in the web team.

Tech Stack: React/Next.js, Node.js, SQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, AWS, Docker, GitHub CI/CD.


HypeScout ( is an influencer fuelled digital marketing platform, which is the first in Bangladesh.

I was the Co-Founder & CTO of HypeScout. As the CTO & the primary engineer of the company, I was responsible for the architecture, design, development, and deployment of the platform. During my tenure, I led a team of excellent engineers and built a scalable, robust, & secure platform that served the marketplace built around the advertisers & influencers. I helped the company to raise a total of 250k USD round of funding from a group of angel & VC investors.

Tech Stack: React/Next.js, Flutter, Node.js, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, AWS, Docker, GitHub CI/CD with a microservice architecture.


InstaChef ( was a one-stop hub for homechef's in Bangladesh. It's a full-stack solution aimed at homechef's to enable them with tech. I was one of the founder entrusted with the responsibility of building the platform from scratch.

Since it was targeted towards housemakers with basic tech knowledge, We had to make sure that the platform was easy and intuitive to use. With Instachef anoyone could start their own home based food business within minutes.

Tech Stack: React Native, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker


Challan ( is a B2B procurement company. The procurement process is a very tedious and time-consuming for any business. It was a mostly offline based business in Bangladesh until Challan came into the picture. Challan is a full-stack solution aimed at making the procurement process easier and faster for businesses.

I was a Senior Software Engineer at Challan. I was responsible for the backend and the infrastructure of the platform. At Challan, I built a lot of internal tools and dashboards to make it easier for the team to manage the business.

Tech Stack: Node.js, Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, OVH, Docker


PrintJoldi ( is the digital wing of Reminiscence Photography, a renowned photography company in Bangladesh. I was commissioned to build their web application which would enable them to manage their business online.

I build the entire application from scratch. I also built a custom CMS for them to manage their content. One of the key features of the application was to handle a large number of photos and to make sure that the application is fast and responsive. Users could upload their photos and order prints from the application, they could also frame photos using the frame builder inside the application. The application was also integrated with a payment gateway.

Tech Stack: React, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker


BiggBee ( is an alternative marketplace where you can buy, borrow and exchange products with your known people. At its core, it was also a social media platform for the buy & sell community. It had friends, connection, community, groups, chat, and a lot of other complex features. I was commissioned to build the application from scratch as the sole engineer.

Tech Stack: React, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker

The Church Book

The Church Book ( is a USA based social community.